Seismic Vectorizing

If you've stumbled onto this page because your boss asked you to find someone who can change a picture of a seismic line into something that can be loaded as SEG-Y to a workstation, you are definitely in the right place. If you have no idea what it means to digitize seismic, you are still in the right place. We'll explain.

Some of our clients refer to the process as 'scanning' which is sometimes one step of the job. If the data is in a hardcopy format, we first scan it to an image file that can be loaded to our software. What you really need and want is vectorized SEG-Y data made from either paper or an image file (jpeg, tiff, pdf, etc.) so the data can be loaded to a workstation for processing and interpreting.

Lynx Canada scans and corrects the input paper or existing picture, then applies software that finds the individual traces, one at a time, measuring the zero-crossing (the baseline on the wiggle), the displacement (amplitude) and peak-to-peak distance (frequency). Then the software stores all those calculations as a series of numbers in a new file, a SEG-Y file.

Data is vectorized at 2 msec intervals, except for very high frequency seismic, which Lynx Canada vectorizes at one millisecond intervals to avoid aliasing. During loading, most clients scale the values to suit their project or allow the workstation application's software to perform an automatic scaling.

Lynx Canada will populate the EBCDIC headers with information gleaned from the original data's sidelabel - this may include vintage (year shot), geophone and source point intervals, layout details, processing notes, and perhaps other relevant material.

To make the final output SEG-Y truly useful, Lynx Canada also adds survey to the trace headers. The survey can be provided as a SEGP-1, UKOOA, ASCII, or spreadsheet format. If you have a map, Lynx will georectify it and produce the survey for you. Be sure to specify the projection and zone requirements - Lynx Canada software can reproject to approximately 1200 coordinate systems.

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