Lynx Canada provides a full spectrum of mapping services. Our main expertise lies in digitizing shotpoint locations from paper maps, but we do a great job with georectifying, contouring, and re-projecting. All this work is done in-house, and usually is provided free to any client sending seismic data to us for vectorizing.

Digitizing seismic shotpoint locations from your own maps is a secure way of assuring that you get the best location information inserted into the trace headers of your lines. Lynx Canada has recovered hundreds of thousands of shotpoints over the past twenty-some years. We have had some interesting and challenging data sets to work with - including maps without grids, locations, or projections! This, of course, can only work if the client map has some real-world reference points - rivers, coastlines, towns, wells, or the known locations of two or three seismic lines on the map. Results are not perfect, but are acceptable enough that clients keep sending their troubled data for us to fix.

Our re-projection software allows us to work with over 1200 different zones, projections, and co-ordinate systems. If you have a file of survey (UKOOA, SEG-P1, XLS, ASCII, or other) in a projection that needs converted for your project, let us know - Lynx Canada can fix it for you.

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