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Lynx Canada has been around for a long time. Lynx Canada began when a former president of the company, Dr John Byatt, approached Dr Charles Hewlett, the inventor of seismic vectorizing, way back in 1989. Charles Hewlett had just created a method to take paper seismic displays and convert them to SEG-Y data for the emerging presence of workstations in G&G offices. And he had just opened the office of Lynx Information Systems Ltd. in England. John Byatt agreed to rent the vectorizing software from the London-based company. Lynx in the UK and Lynx Canada have always been completely separate. There has never been any partnership, ownership, or labour-sharing. Lynx Canada is Canadian-owned and independent. But we do use the Lynx software for some of the steps in vectorizing and processing seismic data (It is still the best system in the world!).

Ron Miksha, P.Geoph. and geophysics graduate of the University of Saskatchewan, has been President of Lynx Canada for the past several years. As a former exploration geophysicist, he worked regional plays for Esso (Imperial Oil) and was a consultant with Image Interpretations Technologies. Ron really knows that the exploration geophysicist needs to have the best data possible for the workstation. And that has been the Lynx Canada mantra for over two decades - Only the Best!

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